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IBM iDataPlex Cluster HPC with the following hardware and software:

Hardware :

  • A manager frontend x3650 with two Intel Quadcore Xeon Harpertown 2,83GHz processors, 16GB RAM and 146 GB SAS hard disk.
  • A computing cluster with 128 computing elements composed by 2 Intel QuadCore Xeon Harpertown processors, (8 processors identified), 500 GB SATA internal disk and 64 GB RAM each.
  • Two IBM Systems Storage DS4700 FC with 30 TB of effective storage shared among all elements by means of GPFS.
  • 5 more x3650 management elements with two Intel Quadcore Xeon Harpertown 2,83GHz processors, 16GB RAM and 146 GB SAS hard disk, used for backup and cluster management
  • An IBM Systems Storage DS4700 SATA with 60 TB used for backup.
  • All machines are interconnected by an Infiniband network.
  • All machines run 64 bits software, operating systems included.

Resuming totals: 1024 processors, with 8,2 TB RAM, 30 TB shared storage on disk and 60TB storage for backup. The benchmark used to evaluate the speed of the cluster has been Linpack, and for a cluster configuration with 1064 processes using the 128 computing nodes, this benchmark has reported a speed of 11 TeraFlops.


  • Operating system of the compute elements: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 Update 2 with kernel 2.6.18 in the frontend and compute elements.
  • Development software: GCC v.4.1.2 , Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler 11.0, Python 2.4.3, Perl, Java, Php
  • HPC software: OpenMPI 1.2.6 and MVAPICH 1.0.1 (mpi over infiniband) for intel, gcc and pgi compilers
  • HTC Job management software: Torque + Moab
  • Other software: xCAT2, GPFS, Tivoli Storage Manager, R-2.9.2, NCL NCARG 5.1.0, GrADS 2.0.a7,
  • Other libraries: HDF5 1.8.3, Jasper 1.701.0, CDO 1.3.1, Genoverlay, NetCDF 3.6.2, NCView 1.93g, Udunits 1.12.4
  • Any software needed in the investigation can be requested, and such a request will be considered.

User accounts are based in NIS, and all accounts and their directories are shared among the machines.

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